The acclaimed “Cave of the Crystal Maiden” has been extensively documented by National Geographic and is quickly becoming one of Belize’s must-do adventures. This one-of-a-kind experience is for fit and active people who do not mind getting wet, moving through dark spaces, and who can tread lightly! After the initial 45-minute hike to the entrance with three river crossings and a swim into the cave’s innards, you will wade through knee-deep water for close to an hour before being asked to remove your water shoes and entering the dry cathedral-like upper chambers of the cave. The rooms are littered with delicate Mayan pottery and the crystallized remains of fourteen humans. There are no walkways, rails, glass or other partitions separating you from the artifacts, nor is there any installed lighting. Just you, your guide, a helmet and a headlamp.

Drive Time: 1 Hour

Adventure Level: Strenuous

This is only for those who are moderately fit and not afraid of water, darkness, or the occasional tight space. It’s a bit of a hike to get there and tricky climbing in some spots, but a must-see if you’re up for it.

This is a full-day tour.


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