Sustainable Practices

At Table Rock Jungle Lodge, we are committed to the core values of sustainable tourism: helping the environment, aiding the local community, and educating travelers about both.
Table Rock Jungle Lodge is committed to providing guests and visitors with a sustainable quality product that protects the environment and conserves natural resources while promoting and protecting the local culture and economy. Specifically, Table Rock makes a concerted effort to do the following:

Maintain resource self-sufficiency by
• Generating our own electricity which uses a highly efficient battery/inverter system, with plans to supplement with renewable solar energy.
• Supplying the majority of our running water with rain water.
• Supplying the majority of our fruit from the farm.
• Supplying all eggs from the free-range chickens on the farm.
• Supplying fresh herbs and select vegetables from the farm.
Conserve the environment & natural resources by
• Utilizing compact fluorescent light bulbs.
• Minimizing the use of electrical lighting.
• Reducing the effect of light pollution, which affects bird migration and the normal patterns of nocturnal animals, by using low-wattage lighting, covered directional lighting, and fewer lighting fixtures.
• Not using high electricity draw appliances, such as electric ovens, coffee makers, toasters, hair dryers, televisions, air conditioning, and microwave ovens.
• Adopting one mile of roadway to be kept free from litter on a weekly basis.
• Limiting the number of electrical power outlets.
• Operating only the most energy efficient practical large appliances possible, such as the butane gas-powered chest freezer and oven, and Energy Star rated refrigerators and washing machines.
•Utilizing gravity, rather than gas or electric pumps, for water flow.
• Limiting water usage and irrigating specified areas with “gray water” from showers, sinks, and laundry.
• Utilizing on-demand water pressure-activated butane water heaters, rather than constant running tank style water heaters.
• Cooling with ceiling fans rather than air conditioning.
• Limiting the number of cabañas and building on piers to avoid altering the landscape as much as possible.
• Recycling as many products as possible for reuse on the grounds, including food scraps, shopping bags and containers.
• Utilizing cloth napkins, rather than paper, for dining service.
• Replanting with indigenous and endemic species of plants and trees where possible, including our Mahogany Reforestation Project.
• Clearing underbrush from forested areas and maintaining that level of forestry maintenance in order to promote the healthy growth of existing mature trees and reducing the impact of wildfires.
• Encouraging the planting of trees and plants necessary for wildlife.
• Using the minimum of agricultural and horticultural chemicals.
• Where choice exists, purchasing products that harm the environment the least.

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