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    Baboon Sanctuary

    The Community Baboon Sanctuary at Bermudian Landing is the result of the unique efforts of 220 members in nine local communities who have voluntarily agreed to manage their land in ways that will preserve their beloved baboon (the local term for the black howler monkey). Because of community-based efforts to preserve the creature, there are now more than 2,000 monkeys waiting to be spotted and photographed by curious travelers. The Sanctuary feels remote, but in reality, it is only 13 miles from the international airport.

    One of the six species of howler monkeys in the world, the black howlers are the largest monkeys in the Americas, and were in danger of becoming extinct.  In Mexico, the monkeys were being hunted by the locals for food, and their habitat was fast being eliminated with the destruction of the rainforest. Conditions in Guatemala were only slightly better, where the monkeys were hunted by locals in the forests around Tikal. As the forest habitat shrank in the country, so too did the numbers of howler monkeys. In Belize, however, the communities of monkeys were strong and healthy, the forest was intact, and the locals seemed genuinely fond of the noisy creatures. Through the efforts of Zoologist Robert Horwich from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, the World Wildlife Fund, and concerned locals, the Community Baboon Sanctuary was established, and the howler monkeys are now making a strong comeback.

    Drive Time from Table Rock: 1.5 hours, on mostly paved highway, or 40 minutes from the International Airport

    Adventure Level: Easy.

    What to Wear & Bring: Shorts or lightweight long pants and shirt with comfy shoes for walking on hiking trails.  It’s also nice to bring along sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, and a little drinking water.

    *Restrictions: None.

    Duration: Half-day tour. This can also be booked as an add-on to a private ground transfer to or from Belize City if you arrive in Belize City no later than 2:00 pm or depart Table Rock at least 4 hours prior to international airline check-in time.


    • Half-day tour includes naturalist guide, entry fee, and transportation to and from Table Rock
    • Minimum two persons
    • 50% cancellation fee applies to any tours booked and then cancelled by the guest less than 24 hours in advance
    • Prices subject to change without notice