A person is standing on rocky terrain near flowing water, facing away, wearing a blue shirt and a cap. The background has greenery and vegetation.
A person standing under a small waterfall with hands extended touching the rock, surrounded by trees and rocks in a natural setting.
The image features a rocky landscape with a cascading river flowing through it, surrounded by lush greenery and trees in the background.
A cascading waterfall flows over rocks surrounded by lush greenery, creating a picturesque and serene natural scene.
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The image shows a natural landscape with a small waterfall flowing into a shallow river surrounded by rocks and lush green vegetation.

    Rio on Pools

    As the cool, pure water of the Rio On River runs over a moonscape of dark granite, it creates dozens of small pools and waterfalls that visitors relish swimming in. The smooth and comfortable surfaces of the water-worn rock just beg to be sunbathed upon, and jumping from boulder to boulder like the proverbial billy goat is often a favorite activity here. There are a long series of cement steps down to the lower pools and a fairly easy to navigate and well-worn foot path through sand and stone to the upper pools.

    Drive Time from Table Rock: 50 minutes

    Adventure Level: Easy to Moderate. Anyone can view this spectacle of nature and take photos of the site, no matter what your level of fitness. To access the pools and falls for swimming, however, you must either descend many stairs (and then ascend them back up) or take on a short hike via the foot path. Increase your Adventure Level by jumping from boulder to boulder to get to farther pools and falls.

    What to Wear & Bring: Bathing suit under shorts or lightweight long pants, shirt, and water shoes. Remember your towel and a change of clothes. Extra water, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and insect repellent are also great to bring along.

    *Restrictions: None.

    Duration: This site is available only as part one the full day tours listed below.

    Combinations: This tour is offered as a full day tour in conjunction with CaracolMountain Pine RidgeXunantunichBarton Creek, Chechem Ha, or Oxmul Coffee & Green Hills Butterfly Farm


    • Includes licensed guide, transportation to and from the lodge, lunch as part of the full day tour, and entry fees.
    • Minimum two persons
    • 50% cancellation fee applies to any tours booked and then cancelled by the guest less than 24 hours in advance
    • Prices subject to change without notice