Mahogany Reforestation Project


After decades of logging mahogany, Belize has had its most ancient trees decimated. Our former property manager, Mr. Herman, who was once a “mahogany hunter” for the British, and Alan, a certified tree lover, got together one afternoon and decided that they could help put back what was once taken out by starting to replant Table Rock with seedling mahogany trees. Currently, nearly 1,000 mahogany trees have been replanted on the property, as well as dozens of other indigenous hardwoods. Alan has his sights set on increasing that number in the years to come, allowing future generations of Belizeans to be able to admire and appreciate the country’s national tree once again. The Spring Family has also worked tirelessly along with their dedicated team at Table Rock to be true stewards of the jungle. By clearing underbrush from forested areas and maintaining that level of forestry maintenance, they have promoted the healthy growth of existing mature trees and reduced the impact of wildfires.

Be Socially Green