Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far is Table Rock from Belize City?
    Table Rock is located 70 miles west of Belize City and the International Airport. Drive time in a private vehicle is approximately two hours. 
  • How far is Table Rock from San Ignacio Town?
    Table Rock is located 5 miles south of San Ignacio on the Cristo Rey Road (the road to Caracol), which is a 7-10 minute drive on paved road.
  • Should I take anti-malarial medication for my trip to Belize? What vaccinations are required?
    Belize does NOT require any specific vaccinations for entry. It does still have the mosquito that carries malaria, as well as dengue and yellow fever. While we are not physicians and cannot advise you on your personal medical care, we can tell you that in the Cayo District there are not great swarms of mosquitoes. While the “rainy season” is the time for the most mosquitoes, we have only known a few people who have contracted mostquito-born illnesses while living here. If you plan to travel to the coast or cayes, you should be aware that mosquito populations are typically higher there than in the Cayo District.
    Malaria risk due predominantly to P. vivax exists in some areas of Stan Creek District and is negligible elsewhere.
    WHO recommended prevention: Because Belize is a very limited risk area, the WHO recommends only mosquito bite prevention (repellent, clothing with long sleeves, etc.), and not medications.
    Be sure to consult with your medical health professional for the best advice.
  • Should I change my U.S. Dollars to Belize Dollars?
    Most businesses gladly accept U.S. Dollars without having to convert to Belizean currency. The set conversion rate is 2:1 (BZ$2 = US$1).
  • Is there an ATM/Cash Point near Table Rock?
    There are three ATM machines on the main street in San Ignacio Town for your use, as well as one in Santa Elena.
  • Can I charge my electronics?
    Belize uses 110V electrical, so if you are visiting from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or Central America you will have no problem charging your cell phones, camera batteries, and laptop computers. If you are coming from Europe, be sure to pack your electrical adapters. All of our guest rooms are equipped with both USB & 110V outlets for convenient charging of your small electronic devices. Standard 110V outlets are also provided in the guest common areas for the charging of larger items.
  • Do you have WiFi service?
    Yes. All guest rooms and common areas of the lodge have WiFi service available free of charge. The Internet at Table Rock is made possible by multiple towers beaming the signal to us from town. This connection can be affected by rainy and windy weather, as well as by local anomalies such as power outages in San Ignacio or the number of people using the system at the same time, so it may be slower or unavailable from time to time.
  • Can you accommodate special diets?
    Yes. At Table Rock, we pride ourselves on catering to the special dietary needs, as well as the general food likes and dislikes, of our guests. We are known for our fabulous meals that are suitable for those who prefer vegetarian or vegan meals, and those who suffer from Celiac’s Disease, lactose intolerance, diabetes, and specific food allergies. Don’t like okra? Can't stand shellfish? Email us to let us know or simply complete our quick Online Food Questionnaire and our chefs will be more than happy to adjust the menu specifically for you.
  • Is there a minimum age limit for children staying at the lodge?
    No. While children aged 8 and up seem to have the most fun at Table Rock, we have had children as young as 5 months stay with us. While parental supervision is a must in our rugged environment, parents and children who are used to traveling abroad will enjoy the many critters and activities that are available for the whole family. Some tours are not appropriate for young children, so please inquire. Children under the age of 18 must have parental supervision at all time.
  • Are babysitting services available?
    Yes. If arranged at least one day in advance, in-room babysitting services are available for US$5 per hour, per babysitter. Please note that some restrictions on the number of children per babysitter apply based on age and other factors, Please ask us for additional information and specific details.
  • What are the adventure tours like? 
    For a sneak peak at what you can expect for each of the guided excursions in the Cayo District, check out our Adventures page. 

  • What types of payment are accepted at Table Rock? 
    We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, and U.S.and Belize Dollars.

  • Can Table Rock provide transportation for us? 
    Yes. We are happy to arrange for your private ground transfers to and from most locations in Belize. We are also agents for Tropic Air and can arrange your domestic flights. Transfer Rates  

  • How do we get to Table Rock? 
    There are a number of options for getting to the lodge, and the best choice is based on your personal budget and travel preferences. Feel free to email us or send us a message on WhatsApp and we'll be happy to help you navigate your way.

  • Do you have air conditioning? 
    No. Due to the restraints of creating our own power via solar panels, air conditioning is not available at our lodge or most other jungle lodges in the Cayo District. However, most travelers find that with the combination of the cooler evenings in the Maya Mountain foothills and the use of our industrial ceiling fans, air conditioning is not a necessity. 

  • Do you offer laundry service? 
    Yes. Laundry service is available daily for a small fee.

  • Do you have a full liquor bar? 
    Yes. Come enjoy one of our local rum specialties created specifically for Table Rock, a great local beer, or your favorite wine or spirit from abroad while overlooking the Macal River in our open-air thatched bar. 

  • Will my cell phone work? 
    Most likely. Cell phone coverage has increased greatly in our area over the last several years, and most phones are compatible with one of the two phone companies operating in Belize. Check with your local service provider before leaving home to see if you need a special plan while visiting Belize. There are also local cell SIM cards and phones available for rent at the BTL office at the International Airport and through Crystal Auto Rental. We'll provide you with an old-school flip phone so that you can make local calls during your stay with us.

  • What will the weather be like? 
    Depending on the time of year you come (and what day of the week it is), you can expect various types of weather. Click here to get an overview of the average temperatures and rainfall in Belize by month.

  • Do I have time to stop at the Belize Zoo? What can we stop to see or do on our way to or from Table Rock? 
    If you arrive in Belize City prior to 2:00 PM, or if you depart from Table Rock prior to 11:00 AM you will have enough time for a stop at the Belize Zoo on your way to or from Belize City. You can also experience Cave Tubing, Ziplining, and/or the Baboon Sanctuary. Check our list of Transfer Add-Ons for more details on timing and pricing. 

  • What time are meals served? 
    Breakfast: 6:30-9:30 AM. Before 6:30 AM: An early packed breakfast can be ordered the day prior. | Lunch: 11:00 AM-2:00 PM | Dinner: 5:30-8:30 PM | Bar Snacks & Lite Bites: 11:00 AM-8:30 PM | Desserts: Available throughout the day. RESERVATIONS are required a day in advance for all meals. 

  • Are there other restaurants nearby? 
    There are numerous restaurants in San Ignacio Town, which are great for experiencing the local tastes of Belize. Only five miles from Table Rock, San Ignacio is easily accessible via bus, taxi, or your own rental vehicle. There are also several nearby lodges with great dining and a few establishments in Cristo Rey that serve inexpensive local fare. Check out our Guest Information Booklet for a full listing of our favorite off-property places to eat. 

  • Is the water safe to drink? 
    The water at Table Rock is supplied mainly by rainwater and is supplemented as necessary with treated river water from the nearby village. All guest rooms are provided with bottles of purified drinking water, which are refilled daily. Although the tap water at Table Rock is fine for hand washing and teeth brushing, it can at times (like during the dry season when the rain water is supplemented by treated river water) be high in lime and other natural minerals which you may not be used to. So, we suggest that our guests not drink the tap water. Guests are welcome to refill their room's drinking water bottle or any other reusable bottle at any time free of charge from the purified water dispensers located in the dining room and office. Individual bottles of drinking water are also available for purchase at the bar. All drinking water, ice, beverages, and water for cooking at the lodge are strictly purified bottled water for our guests' comfort and peace of mind. 

  • Are the mattresses and pillows firm? 
    The mattresses in all our guest rooms are fairly firm and are topped with a memory foam and mattress pad for additional comfort. The pillows are considered mid-range on the soft-to-firm scale and all guest rooms have extras in case you'd like to add more to your bed.