Our Roots

Sustainable tourism is not just a buzz word, it’s a way of life. At Table Rock, we believe in helping the environment and our local community, and emerging travelers into our world of endless adventures, sustainability, and conservation.

Our story begins in 1998, when newlyweds Alan and Colleen honeymooned in Belize with only a rented 4×4, an axe, and a paper map. With little distraction, they became enamored by jungle life–the land, the flora and fauna, and most all, perhaps, the people. Belize became the spot they returned to again and again.

After several years, they decided to set down roots in the same way that their Belizean adventure began, purchasing a thick swath of jungle and an abandoned farm. For the time being, they’d live in a tent with no running water, no electricity, only a rough idea of a citrus farm, and a dream of sustainable living.

The first walking trail was chopped by machete in 2002 and Table Rock Jungle Lodge was born. Their dream of sustainable living had bloomed like bougainvillea into what has grown into an award-winning 175-acre jungle reserve with 10 cabanas, farm-to-table dining, and eco-adventures in the heart of the Belizean jungle.

Table Rock has worked to preserve its natural surroundings using solar power, keeping the number of guest rooms limited, employing local villagers, and by replenishing one of Belize’s earliest natural resources–the mahogany tree. All electricity is produced onsite and the majority of the water for the lodge is supplied by purified rain and river water. In addition to experiencing the jungle canopy, guests are invited to gather exotic tropical fruits and visit with the donkeys, bunnies, and laying hens on the organic farm.

Table Rock's love of the local people has extended to its eco-lodge guests who visit from all across the world, bringing with them stories and ideas, and experiencing the jungle with a sense of childlike wonder and an ever-changing appreciation of the natural world.

Join us in rediscovering yourself and connecting with nature in the Belizean jungle.