Our Sustainable Practices

- Mahatma Gandhi

At Table Rock Jungle Lodge we are passionate about providing guests and visitors with a sustainable quality product that protects the environment and conserves natural resources while promoting and protecting the local culture and economy. And here’s how we do it . . .

  • Limiting the number of electrical power outlets.
  • Operating only the most energy efficient practical large appliances possible, such as Energy Star rated refrigerators and washing machines.
  • Utilizing gravity, rather than gas or electric pumps, for water flow.
  • Limiting water usage and irrigating specified areas with “gray water” from showers, sinks, and laundry.
  • Utilizing tankless gas water heaters, rather than constant-running tank style water heaters.
  • Cooling with ceiling fans rather than air conditioning.
  • Limiting the number of cabañas and building on piers to avoid altering the landscape as much as possible.
  • Recycling as many products as possible for reuse on the grounds, including food scraps, shopping bags, and containers.
  • Using biodegrable single-use items.
  • Utilizing cloth napkins, rather than paper, for dining service.
  • Replanting with indigenous and endemic species of plants and trees where possible, including our Mahogany Reforestation Project.
  • Clearing underbrush from forested areas and maintaining that level of forestry maintenance in order to promote the healthy growth of existing mature trees and reducing the impact of wildfires.
  • Encouraging the planting of trees and plants necessary for wildlife.
  • Primarily using organic agricultural and horticultural biopesticides and enhancers.
  • Where choice exists, purchasing products that harm the environment the least.
  • Not keeping any wild animal captive unless in an emergency situation where there is no alternative. As soon as possible seeking an appropriate “home” for any captive animal or returning them to the wild.
  • Actively discouraging hunting of protected species within the community.
  • Actively discouraging the trafficking of flora and fauna, internationally, nationally, and locally.
  • Actively encouraging and promoting the work of the Protected Area Conservation Trust (P.A.C.T).
  • Giving preference to products that are environmentally friendly.
  • Giving preference to those products that are from sustainable sources.
  • Giving prefernece to locally sourced products.
  • Purchasing products with the least packaging possible.
  • Supporting and promoting nature conservancy organizations, such as Sea to Shore Alliance (Save the Manatees), The Belize Raptor Center, Cayo Animal Welfare Society (Humane Society), the Belize Zoo, and the Green Iguana Conservation Project.
  • Thomas Jackson Spring Memorial Fund to assist the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Pediatric Ward
  • Local Sports and Youth groups
  • Cristo Rey Village Water Board & Village Council
  • Belize Cancer Society
  • Marketing only regionally made products in our gift shop.
  • Purchasing locally sourced food, beverages, and cleaning products when possible and practical.
  • Hiring Belizean staff and hiring from within the two closest villages whenever possible.
  • Encouraging apprenticeships for younger local workers, specifically focusing on traditional building practices, sustainable practices, and training in the tourism industry.

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